Any building or home constructed prior to 1965 may have asbestos in the construction materials, trims, decorative, flooring, or covering materials as well as in insulation of walls, ceilings, attics, pipes or other areas. In many cases the asbestos has been covered up through remodeling or updating materials, equipment, appliances, or with floor, ceiling, and wall coverings.

Home/commercial property inspections are limited to what the inspector can visually see at the time of the inspection. Inspectors are not experts in asbestos identification, use or removal. Advanced Property Inspection, Inc. encourages its inspectors to attempt to evaluate and identify possible asbestos, or suspected asbestos, then report this to potential buyers or realtors and sellers.

Furthermore, Advanced Property Inspection, Inc. strongly urges potential buyers to contact the US Consumer Product Safety Commission for any questions regarding Environmental product questions. Some places to contact for further information follows:

Publications Section at
Public Affairs, 4330 East West Highway, Bethesda, MD 20814 or send an email via CPSC's On-Line Form.